SAT Prep Class

The Experienced Educators understand the importance of scoring well on college entrance exams. The advantage of taking our SAT Prep class provides an opportunity for a higher score on the SAT test, which can translate into scholarship money for most colleges. With our classes and proven track record of success with former students, actual monetary savings become a reality for families who work with us.

The formula is simple with the Experienced Educators:
Dedicated, Hard Working Students + Dedicated, Hard Working Experienced Teachers = Great SAT Scores, Scholarship Dollars, and Happy Parents!

Each class will focus on instruction of specific strategies and content according to student need. The benefit of working with the Experienced Educators comes with the 50+ years of classroom teaching and our ability to understand differing student needs. Our SAT Prep classes are organized in a way that allows us to work with your student in order to maximize their potential.

For each class we offer two complete, timed practice tests and four 2 hour long classes. Our classes are capped at 10 students. Choose from the following class offerings:

Feb 2022

February 2022 Class – $450

Classes will be offered virtually. Once registered we will get you the provided materials for the course.

Saturday, Feb 5 – First Practice Test (9am – 12pm)
Tuesday, Feb 8 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Tuesday, Feb 15 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Tuesday, Feb 22  – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Tuesday, Mar 1 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Saturday, Mar 5 – Final Practice Test (9am – 12pm)

March/April 2022

March/April 2022 Class – $450

Saturday, March 5 – First Practice Test (9am – 12pm)
Monday, March 7 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Monday, March 14 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Monday, March 28 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Monday, April 4 – Class (5pm – 7pm)
Saturday, April 9 – Final Practice Test (9am – 12pm)

Private Classes

Private Classes – $65/hour

Want one-on-one help? Need a different night of the week? Looking for help in the summer?

If the course schedule does not work with your schedule, contact us!